Ghip nối 3M – Ghip Cách điện 3M Ghip nối cáp 3M IPC Ghip 3M

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Ghip nối 3M – Ghip Cách điện 3M Ghip nối cáp IPC Insulation Piercing Connector Ghip nối 3M – Ghip Cách điện 3M Ghip nối cáp 3M IPC Ghip 3M

The Insulation Piercing Connector (IPC) is used for connecting an insulated conductor with a branch conductor without removing the insulation of the conductor. The application is mainly for insulated Aerial bunched cables.

Each connector is in two halves, interconnected with a bolt having a shear head top. The shear head of the bolt shears off at predetermined torque. IPC of this design is when both the main tap conductors are tightened simultaneous whereby the teeth of the contact plates penetrate the insulation and establish a contact.ghip_noi_3m_toji_group_ghip_noi_cach_dien_500

Hot dipped galvanized bolts

Self Insulated and potential free

Shear head

Torque controlled shear head for best contact without damaging the conductor for low resistance


Moulded from high quality mechanical, climatic and UV resistant glass reinforced polyamide.

Its elasticity creates spring like action and provided continuous pressure on the contact teeth.

Silicon Grease

Prevents oxidation by filling voids where contamination could ingress to provide long term moisture, cyclic and shock protection.

Contact Teeth

Made from tin plated hardened copper alloy, penetrate through most types of conductor

Insulation. They provide excellent electrical conductivity, are anti-corrosive and facilitate use on both aluminium and copper conductor.

Polymer seals

Made from high quality elastomer to prevent ingress of corrosion agents

End cap

Provides protection against flashover from exposed end of tap conductor and can be mounted on either side of connector.


Live line connection, no load on the tap conductor. Ip68 and to withstand 6kv for 1 minute under 300mm of water. Easy to install and safe to use.